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What is a Redevelopment Agency?

 A government body dedicated to urban renewal. Typically a municipal level city department focused on a particular district or corridor that has become neglected or blighted.

Why a Redevelopment Agency?

 Redevelopment efforts often focus on reducing crime, destroying unsuitable buildings and dwellings, restoring historic features and structures, and creating new landscaping, housing and business opportunities mixed with expanded government services and transportation infrastructure.

Core Documents of the Central Falls Redevelopment Agency

Redevelopment Area Ordinance

Redevelopment Area 1 Plan
Exhbit A
Exhbit B

Peter Friedrichs, Director of Planning & Economic Development ​ 

Mark Allio, Assistant Director of Planning & Economic Development
Thom Deller, Secretary



Patsy Peterson, 535 Roosevelt Ave., Chair

Barb Silvis, 400 Roosevelt Ave., Vice-Chair
Tim Grace, 1117 Lonsdale Ave. 
​Silva Rosa, 495 Pine St.
Richard Oliveira, 116 Cross St.